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Domain Scam, Spam or is it a great deal? 
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Sept 23, 2005
For Immediate Release

Subject:   Domain Registration Solicitations that appear to be a bill. Is this a Domain Scam, Spam or is it a great deal? 

Lately, we have been receiving hundreds of calls from Domain name registration customers who are confused about the renewal notice they received regarding the domain name they have with Wizard Marketing.

What Domain Registry of America and some other registrars are actually sending out is a solicitation for business. They want you to switch over your internet domain name to them and unfortunately,  for those people who fill out their form and give them their credit card it may well mean an increase - even a major increase - in their registration cost.  See Below!

Wizard Marketing  which offers domain registration, web development products, full page yellow page advertising, shopping carts, web hosting, SSL certificates, merchant accounts for credit card processing, and spam free email nationwide as well as directory and search services for the San Francisco north bay including  Marin County   Napa Valley  Sonoma County  Solano County , San Francisco Visitors Guide  is not in any way part of Domain Registry of America. When you receive a bill for your domain registration it will come from Wizard Marketing.

In one sense we have no problem with this or another company trying to get your business. We totally agree that competition is the marketplace is a very good thing. Unfortunately,  Domain Registry of America is confusing customers of other registrars into thinking that their solicitation is an invoice and that they need to act now to keep their domain registered.

Domain Registry of America and other registrars sending this type of solicitation often are charging more for registration then a domain owner normally pays.

Here is sample break down  of costs


Cost Per Year

You could be paying a lot less for you domain name with Wizard Marketing. Switch your high cost account today for as little as $7.75 per year.                                            Click Here and make save big today. 


Wizard Marketing

3.99 to 9.95

View our comparison and pricing pages for a better look at the domain registration, web hosting and or internet service costs.

Wizard Marketing domain name also include  FREE!  Forwarding / Masking,   FREE!  Change of Registration,   FREE!  Starter Web Page,   FREE!  "For Sale"/ Parked Page,   FREE!  Domain Name Locking,   FREE!  Status Alerts,   FREE!  Total DNS Control,   FREE!  100 Email Forwards See Details Some registrars charge for many of these free services.  

Wizard marketing recommends that you shop domain names before you buy. And after you buy remember that you don't need to pay the high prices some registrars are charging you. Wizard Marketing is also, a leader in Domain Name Transfers for those who want to switch registrars and save a lot on money.

Instead of paying the high cost of other registrars transfer your Domain to Wizard Marketing. Do it today before you forget. You don't loose anything. If you already paid for 1 year and you transfer keep what ever is left of your first year. Out transfer cost are listed below.



Domain Registry of America






Network Solutions



Cost   .com**  .info**  .us .net**  .org** .biz** .name**  .tv
Wizard Marketing $9.95 $9.95 $7.75 $9.95 $9.95 $7.75 $9.75 $34.95

* Plus ICANN fee of 25 cents per domain name year. Certain TLD's only
View Country Code TLDs

Those of you who are our customers already pitch the pesky solicitations from other registrars who are very willing to charge you much more in the garbage. If you are with a registrar that charges you more simply go to Wizard Marketing Domain Registration and save a bundle today. .

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