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To make finding everything more convenient the Categories on this site are broken down in two ways.

The Main Category section (On our home page and here - Please scroll down to view it), groups categories into Main categories relating to a specific subject matter. For instance: 

The main category Auto - Trucks - Motorcycles  listed below has everything having to do with vehicles -  including those that provide them for Purchase, Lease, Rent, those who maintain them Auto Detailing, Auto Repairs, Auto Parts  as well as those that Customize and Dismantle them. It also includes other categories relating to cars such as Financing, Insurance, and  Car Donations.

Naturally some categories do not fit into any Main Category and there may be some obscure or not normally looked for business classification that, although it might be useful to the users of a main category, is normally not within it. For instance. welding is a construction category and not listed under Auto. Yet,  you may need a welder to do some type of repair on a car. 

This is where the Individual A- Z categories above come in useful. All of the categories on our pages are listed there. Just click a letter. The Main Category section may be more convenient for you or Individual A- Z categories may be more useful to you. You  have to be the judge. Our search feature found on all page is the quickest and easiest if you know exactly what you are looking for.  

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