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Voice lessons teach Vocal Technique which is the practice of using

 the voice in a particular way when singing or speaking. Vocal Technique is a rehearsed way of adjusting the voice both musically and non-musically; to create different sounds or voice qualities. The techniques required to control the voice are physical, and can concern a person's posture whilst singing or speaking; or the way in which they actually produce the sound. This article is primarily concerned with singing in which vocal technique is vastly more complex, although the same principles of technique can also be applied to the spoken word.

There are numerous vocal techniques for singing, which have developed over hundreds of years. As civilization has developed and musical tastes have changed, people have studied the physical anatomy of the voice or the feeling of using the voice and learned ways of controlling the voice to produce a particular sound. In the modern world, most vocal styles can be divided into classical and non-classical techniques (Opera and Pop music for example).



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Napa School of Music 
1957 Sierra Ave, Napa, CA 707 252-4040
Alina's Studio
Vacaville, CA 707 448-2889

Anna's Voice & Piano Studio
Fairfield, CA 707 429-9223

Carolyn Brandt's Piano & Organ
Fairfield, CA 707 429-8524

De Bussy Piano Studio
45 Winslow Ave, Vallejo, CA 707 645-0380

Dixon Music Studio
540 N Adams St, Dixon, CA 707 678-6515

Happy Hearts Piano Studio
Fairfield, CA 707 421-9895

Live Music Ctr
874 Alamo Dr, Vacaville, CA 707 448-1511

Marilou Cabiling Quijano Music
Vallejo, CA 707 644-6537

Robert C Savage Piano Studio
168 C St, Vallejo, CA 707 644-4330

Susan Cox Piano & Voice
Fairfield, CA 707 422-5809

Young Artist Conservatory
490 Merchant St # 104, Vacaville, CA 707 451-7200

Zoria A Persidsky
Benicia, CA 707 748-7369
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Singers employ a number of techniques to gain control of the voice. These techniques can be split into three distinct areas, each equally as important in producing the overall 'voice'. Depending on the style of voice that the singer is trying to achieve, each of these areas will be addressed in very different ways, although the core principles remain the same.
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