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A general contractor

is an organization or individual that contracts with another

 organization or individual (the owner) for the construction of a building, road or other facility. A general contractor is defined as such if it is the signatory as the builder of the prime construction contract for the project. A general contractor is responsible for the means and methods to be used in the construction of the project in accordance with the contract documents. Said contract documents usually include the contract agreement including budget, the general and special conditions and the plans and specification of the project that are prepared by a design professional. A general contractor usually is responsible for the supplying of all material, labor, equipment, (engineering vehicles and tools) and services necessary for the construction of the project. To do this it is common for the general contractor to subcontract part of the work to other persons and companies that specialize in these types of work. These are called subcontractors.

Most contractors are required to be licensed in each state and may be required to take an exam. To check for contractor license requirements, you may contact the National Association of State Contractor Licensing Agencies (NASCLA) Association

Contractors are defined in the law by each state and are usually considered those who contract, bid, negotiate a price or offers to construct, supervise, oversee, schedule, direct, alter, repair, install, improve, move, demolish, furnish labor, etc. In addition, there are various types: building (residential and commercial); electrical; plumbing; mechanical; highway; and environmental (mold/lead remediation).

Consumers should always check out their contractor prior to hiring. Important tips may be obtained at: Do's and don't when hiring a contractor

General contractor example
A real estate developer would select a plot of land, hire an architect to design the building and specify the building systems and then hire a general contractor to actually build the buildings. The developer, architect and general contractor work closely together to meet deadlines and budget. The general contractor then works with subcontractors to ensure quality standards in addition to timeline and budget.




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Creative Construction *
Serving Solano County 1987 , Kitchen & bath remodeling, dry rot repair, drywall, decking, fencing, Contractors Lic.No.691018
707 257-7982
A & D Construction
1713 Catlin Dr, Fairfield, CA 707 249-4215

Advanced Interior Systems
2162 Portola Ct, Fairfield, CA 707 425-8012

All Trades Improvements
71 Valencia Dr, Fairfield, CA 707 425-4382

Allied Framers Inc
4990 Allison Pkwy, Vacaville, CA 707 452-7050

Balfour Beatty Construction
2333 Courage Dr, Fairfield, CA 707 427-8900

Bay Span Construction Inc
260 Lake Rd, Fairfield, CA 408-492-1030

Blythe & Assoc Inc
717 Kentucky St # B, Fairfield, CA 707 421-1105

C J Bouchard Construction
Fairfield, CA 707 718-5505

Canyon Contracting
4667 Green Valley Rd, Fairfield, CA 707 864-1965

Carlson Construction
2903 Waterman Ct, Fairfield, CA 707 429-2946

Chadbourne Construction Co
1875 Barbour Dr, Fairfield, CA 707 422-4534

Clear Connection Corp
1735 Enterprise Dr, Fairfield, CA 707 422-9008

E M Construction
1119 Buckthorn Ln, Fairfield, CA 707 208-5405

Fisher Construction Co
2526 Mankas Corner Rd, Fairfield, CA 707 422-8591

Frank's Construction & Home
1100 Hayes St, Fairfield, CA 707 426-6450

Gary Gress
Fairfield, CA 707 422-2471

Gilbert-Morad Engineering
Douglas Gilbert PE
710 Jackson St, Fairfield, CA 707 429-2699

Hofmann Co
1980 Huntington Ct, Fairfield, CA 707 437-4681

Kingdom Builders Construction
4396 Solano Rd, Fairfield, CA 707 399-8224

Korifi Construction
1237 Western St, Fairfield, CA 707 425-8670

LQE Construction
2963 Redwood Dr, Fairfield, CA 707 428-0811

Lavalier Construction
4467 Tolenas Rd, Fairfield, CA 707 426-2074

Mark Scott Construction Inc
469 Lopes Rd # C, Fairfield, CA 707 864-8880

North Bay Builders
4171 Suisun Valley Rd # L, Fairfield, CA 707 863-0572

Pinguelo Construction
4171 Suisun Valley Rd, Fairfield, CA 707 864-3003

R C Henrich General Contractor
4582 Mccready Ct, Fairfield, CA 707 864-5840

Royal-Owens Design
2019 San Salvador St, Fairfield, CA 707 429-2787

Solid Foundation Construction
Fairfield, CA 707 421-2014

Steve Whdeck Construction
Fairfield, CA 707 421-1030

Sutton Construction
4171 Suisun Valley Rd # I, Fairfield, CA 707 422-8242

Thomas Newkirk Construction
632 Webster St, Fairfield, CA 707 426-6632

W A Thomas Co Inc
4000 Suisun Valley Rd, Fairfield, CA 707 864-3804

Westwind Construction & Dev
2266 Palmer Cir, Fairfield, CA 707 469-8915

Wirth Construction
2363 10 Gate Rd, Fairfield, CA 707 427-1426

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