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When termites have already penetrated a building,

 removing their means of access and destroying the colony with insecticides are usually effective means of stopping further damage. Feeder stations (baits) with small quantities of disruptive insect hormones or other very slow acting toxins have become the preferred least-toxic management tool in most western countries. This has replaced the dusting of toxins direct into termite tunnels which had been widely done since the early 1930s (originating in Australia). The main dust toxicants have been the inorganic metallic poison arsenic trioxide and, more recently, the insect growth regulator Triflumuron. These slow-acting poisons can be distributed by the workers for considerable periods (hours to weeks) before any symptoms occur and are capable of destroying the entire colony. More modern variations include chlorfluazuron, Diflubenzuron, hexaflumuron, and Novaflumuron as bait toxicants and fipronil and imidacloprid as soil poisons. Soil poisons are the least-preferred method of control as this requires much larger doses of toxin and results in uncontrollable release to the environment.


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Sullivan Termite Inspection and Repair

Providing Termite Inspection and Repair Service in Napa Sonoma and Solano Counties Since 1980 License Number: OPR264 
707 644-1733  email, Fax: 707 224 - 4396


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Bay Alliance
437 Sage Ct, Benicia, CA 707 747-5985

Benicia, CA 707 747-1353
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Sullivan Termite Inspection and Repair
 3267 Kensington Circle, Napa, California 94558
 License Number: OPR264

 (707) 224 - 4324   Fax: (707) 224 - 4396

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